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Banner advertising is still one of the most popular advertising methods. Because this kind of advertising has always been effective in introducing and naming a brand on the Internet. By using this advertising method well and designing an attractive and persuasive banner, you can drive more users to your brand and ultimately Add your customers. But for successful implementation of these ads, some experience and expertise are needed. Samincom can be along with you. We help you design a fascinating banner in different sizes, identify Persian websites suitable for your ads, and put them on a banner with a special discount.



We will inform you about your advertising status and the rate of return.

special discount

With the help of our reputation, we offer you a banner for discounted sites.

Related websites

We will place your ad on websites with related work fields.

banner design

We will design a beautiful and effective banner in different sizes for you.

The websites we work with

  • Afkar news
  • Niksalehi
  • Sarzamin download
  • Eestekhdam
  • P30world
  • Namnak
  • Jam news
  • Digiyato
  • and …
  • Web gozar
  • Downloadha
  • Hamihan
  • nex1music
  • Persian tools
  • Soft gozar
  • Mobile
  • Simorgh
  • Vista
  • Rozblog
  • Bartaringa
  • Zoomit
  • Varzesh1
  • Shabake 90
  • Soft98
  • Cloob
  • Pop music
  • Upload boy
  • Beytoote
  • Asre Iran
  • Mashregh
  • Khabar Online
  • P30download
  • Shahrekhabar
  • Blogsky
  • ISNA
  • Varzesh 3
  • Blogfa
  • Digikala
  • Aparat
  • Bashgah khabarnegaran
  • Mihanblog
  • Tabnak
  • Rozblog
  • Pershianblog

question and answer

We answer all your questions

What does Samincom do in this regard?

We are connected with most of Iran’s most prominent websites and we can offer you a banner with special discount on popular Iranian websites with related fields of work. We also help you design an attractive and effective banner…


What is a Banner Ads Benefit?

By placing your banner ads on different Iranian websites, not only can you attract new users, but also your name will be more visible on the Internet and your brand will be more familiar.