• What is SEO or website optimization?

    Get acquainted with expert and guaranteed expertise in Samincom

What is SEO or website optimization?

Get acquainted with expert and guaranteed expertise in Samincom

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Google has done more than 5.9 billion different searches a day!


Users only trust in normal results, not ads.


Users click on the results of the first page of a search.


Users will never enter their second search page.


Users start their online experience with a search.

Web Specialists and Rivals!

The rival is always and always … rivals were traditional to many years ago, but these days they have been eclipsed with the growth of businesses in cyberspace … Electronic rivals … it’s an interesting concept … It’s exactly the secret of SEO … the secret of SEO, the progression between competitors and more Being seen … All the efforts and costs are also growing among the competitors in the cyberspace to be seen in the SEO target market … The target market? You see? The topic is so specialized … How to diagnose the target market? Let’s see how attractive is the target market …?! And there’s a whole other specialist question, and the same questions make SEO a specialist! … It’s a specialty that buys back links. The mystery of many of the companies that claim to be in the field of SEO is a huge gap … SEO or optimization is a new scientific, modern and complex, with many terms and definitions. The SEO team and optimization of Samincom’s site design company are considered on this page to provide additional and important information that every webmaster and site administrator should recognize to help them improve the site’s sake. Below are some of the improvements that are made in the field. We need the SEO site and we need to know, we will express it


Let’s make a specific plan

Let’s have a long, precise plan so we can basically give your brand credibility to search engines.


We accept work risk

We will ensure that within the specified period, your name will be displayed on the first page of related searches that have been specified.


We measure the current situation

Take a look at the website and its status in search engines
We will see that your place in the words
Where is the key?

How to optimize for search engines?

Good quality and real quality

We use only standard and safe methods to increase your ranking


Initial search page

Your brand name will be placed on the first page of searches related to your work


Google’s click advertising

Detecting keywords

Identify what words and phrases are important to your work.

Website optimization

We prepare the content and content of your website for search engines


What to do for?! Better SEO Visit increase sales increase

Optimizing a website is not just about Bruceo, which will also affect the experience of your users


As you know, SEO is a site and its optimization is hard, time consuming and costly. If you have a site and want to optimize it, you have two ways to do it: First way: Take a long time (about three months to two years) to study SEO, different articles about different sections SEO, such as site structure, target users, in-page SEO, outsourcing, back links, linking links, social networks, content generation, etc., and try using trial and error to rank within search engines. It’s possible to win and get good results 50% or less. There are many bad things happening on this path. For example, your site will be penalized by search engines and remove their results due to spam methods, which is equal to the failure of a site and the overthrow of all its goals and aspirations.


The second way: SEO and optimization of your site to the professional SEO team of Samincom, to complete all SEO processes in a manner that is based on world standards and the latest search engine algorithms. In this way, your site may be penalized to zero, and after a while you will see the results of the site optimization process inside search engines..

خدمات سئو سایت | بهینه سازی سایت | افزایش بازدید سایت

question and answer

We answer all your questions

The site’s SEO history has begun since the mid-1990s, and initially it was that webmasters after the creation of a page had to introduce their URLs or URLs to the search engines, so that the spider of the search engines would visit their site and the page. It was indexed or recorded. At first, search engine algorithms were very simple. As ranking of pages, the importance of repeating keywords and placing it in the main sections of the site prioritized. So many profitable people, with the repetition of a myriad of keywords, would rank well in the results. The search engines have become more sophisticated, so today’s seo site optimization needs to count on countless things. These include on-page SEOs, off-page SEOs, back links, linking links, networks Social and, most importantly, the production of appropriate content, which the SEO team and website optimization site Samincom intends to publish a comprehensive article about each of these SEO parameters, so that users of the site design company Samincom use them To make


Success factors of a site! Is SEO alone enough?

Is there enough graphics, security, loading speed, good structure and good content on a site, and can it be guaranteed to be a website success? Surely no! All of this will result and lead a website to the success of that site by users and visitors. As long as a site does not have a visitor to use the items listed above, it will not succeed.


عوامل موفقیت یک سایت! آیا سئو به تنهایی کافیست؟

On the contrary, this is true. Suppose your site has been ranked 1 in the search engine results for a particular key phrase, but when users visit the site, the site loads slowly, inappropriate graphics and structure, and content that is unrelated to what they are looking for. Be sure to quickly leave your site and visit your rival sites. Most importantly, the factors that make a site successful include: 1. Bringing targeted users to the site. 2. Converting users. Targeted to loyal users. 3 – Conversion of loyal users to the public. Using these 3 steps can improve the success of a site..

What is the role of the keyword or keyword in the site?

First of all, it’s better to have a keyword definition.
The keyword or keyword (s) of a page are the keyword of that page. Simply put, the words that we like through which our site is placed on top of Google’s results are said to be the keyword.

نقش کلمه کلیدی یا Keyword در سئو سایت چیست؟

Now that we have a keyword definition, let’s see what is the role of keywords on the SEO site?
If you do not select the right keywords for a site or pages, either in terms of number of competitors or in terms of its monthly search volume, SEO or site optimization is in vain. In this way, suppose to optimize your site for a word that does not have a search in the month! It’s better not to SEO our site until we do this SEO. Suppose that SEO is done for a word that has a lot of competitors. For example, the term “site design” has very strong rivals. So SEO is a site for this word is expensive, time consuming and difficult. As a result, to select a keyword, you have to look at many things to get the desired result.


What is off-page SEO or SEO?

Ads and methods to increase site visits and site rankings outside the site (on other sites) are called off-page SEO. This section is also one of the main topics of the site’s SEO. In this method, site optimization is performed by referring to the linking link.

Off-Page SEO یا سئوی برون صفحه چیست؟

SEO Offsite or SEO has a lot of parameters that we briefly describe: Social Networking »Today, the use of social networks is epidemic and most Internet users within these networks are busy and patrol. And they are passing. Using this parameter, after creating the site, you can create social pages for it and connect with target audiences and users. Social networking will also help your brand and your business. Blogging “Another important parameter in off-page SEO is blogging and blogging. Using this method, you can turn ordinary users into loyal and recursive users. Blogging also boosts search engine robots to the site, resulting in a higher rank and site visit through search engines. Sharing images “by sharing images on social networks and celebrity sites such as Facebook. , Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, etc., can increase the likelihood that the site will be viewed by more users, and thus help to rank better in search engine results. Video sharing »Using videos and publishing them on networks Social and sites such as Aparat, Fiolimo and … can be a huge flood of users On the other Vrd.paramtrhay in Off-Page SEO for SEO There will be explained in detail in an article with the same title.

What is SEO or site optimization?

SEO for site or website optimization for search engines, in English: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, all of which have the following meanings: the use of methods, functions, concepts and structures to get better results for the keywords of a site and Or its pages, within search engine results such as Google, Yahoo and Bing


سئو سایت یا بهینه سازی سایت چیست؟

SEO requires a lot of knowledge, background knowledge and patience. Because of the constant change in search engine algorithms, it is a sci-fi that is constantly changing and progressive and never stays constant. Therefore, engineers and those who do their work should keep their SEO information up to date. To the person who performs the site’s SEO or site optimization, we are talking about SEO..

Features a good site to enhance the visit

A website must have a proper structure in all its pages, depending on the subject of its activity. So that the visitor can easily access all pages of the site. According to the statistics, the decision of the user or visitor of a site to stay on the site or exit from it is 6 to 9 seconds, which in Iran is slightly higher this time.

Proper graphics are another good feature of a good site. In the graphics of the site, you should not use shimmering colors that offend the user’s eyes. The background color and the color of the text should be completely opposite to each other so that the user can read the texts. It is also better to use a lot of colors to design a site and use a maximum of 3 primary colors.

Instead of writing content for search engines, it’s best to write content for users to bypass the search engines and increase their site rank. By using proprietary and attractive content, users can do a lot of site engagement and SEO and increase site visits.

Site loading speed is one of the important features of the site. The site’s speed should be very high, and the site’s loading time should be small even so that the user can not wait to see the site. Factors like heavy graphics, the use of many plugins, inappropriate servers, etc. can slow down the loading of a site.

Site security is another important factor that increases site rank within search engines. If a website is insecure and attacked and hacked, it loses its users and thus eliminates search engine results.


Who is the target user and why is it important on the site?

The target user is told to a person or people we design a website for them and we want them to do something for us through the website. This may be different things like buying, clicking, viewing and …
There are different target users for different sites. For example, the target users of a homepage company site are different from the target audience of a music school site


کاربر هدف کیست و چرا مهم است؟

In the first case, target users may be building builders, companies that are rebuilding the company’s internal appearance or housewives. In the second case, people of any age group, especially teenagers and young people of both sexes, may target the woman and her husband. When the user specifies the purpose of a site, they can be based on their own taste (gender, Age category, etc.). The site design was done in the same way, optimized the structure of the site, and eventually optimized the site’s SEO and site rankings in order to increase the ranking of the site within the results of the search engines and, ultimately, the faster access of the users to the site.


What is an on-page SEO or SEO page?

One of the main sections of the SEO site is the On-Page parameters. By using the On-Page parameters, you must create content that is appropriate to the rules of search engines for site users. There are a lot of things about the on-page SEO parameters, the most important of which are the following: Domain »One of the most important factors in SEO is the existence of a keyword within the site domain that has a good effect on increasing the site’s ranking. it has. Also, the domain name should be such that it is easy to stay in memory of users, is short, the pronunciation is easy and it’s difficult to write it.

On-Page SEO یا سئوی درون صفحه چیست؟

Host or Host “. The site’s loading speed, bandwidth, and site availability overnight without difficulty and timeliness are an important part of On-Page SEO, which if they are taken care of and there is no problem with it. , The site will rank well and result in search engine results.

Meta Tag Description »This meta tag is one of the most important meta tags used by the site. Writing this meta tag is very necessary and there are certain ways to write it. The text contained within this meta tag should be 160 characters or less. It should also be written in such a way as to use both keywords and also to persuade the user to click.

There are other things in the On-Page SEO that we will discuss in a supplementary discussion.

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