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Advertise popular and popular Persian pages on social networks and let the Iranians become familiar with friends’ friendships. Other social networks have become part of many of us everyday life. Through these networks, we follow the news of the day, read our favorite content and communicate with our friends. Therefore, these networks can provide a good opportunity for business brands to make their name in the minds of users and establish a friendly relationship with them. Advertise on Persian pages of these networks can have a huge impact on your revenue


2.206 billion

Social network users

3.734 billion

Mobile users

3.175 billion

Active Internet users

7.357 billion

World population

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We will evaluate the outcome of the promotions and will keep you informed of the impact of each of them.

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We will somehow promote your promotion so we can get the most out of the ad with the lowest cost.

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We will prepare for you effective graphics and text so you can make the most impact on the audience.

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We will place your ad for pages that are relevant to your business and your customers use them.

The most popular social networks

The networks you can target your ads


The largest social network


Messenger network


Messenger network


Messenger network


Messenger network

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What kind of networks will your ads be?

We can place your ads on all popular Iranian social networks. Your ad will be placed on the popular pages of these networks to make sure they view the largest number of users. Among these networks are Instagram, Telegraph and Facebook


Can advertising work on social networks be effective?

Today, many Iranians are active in social networks and use them daily. Because these networks provide a warm and friendly environment for them. So, by advertise right in these networks, you can connect with them in the place of interest and get their attention


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